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Moving into a New Year

For many of us, crossing into the New Year marks an important shift. It’s an opportunity to start fresh, reflect, let go of the things that weren’t so great about the past year, set our intentions for the year ahead, and recommit to the things we value most.

And while I’m a big supporter of setting intentions, whether it’s for the year ahead or even just for this moment, I know how hard it can be to follow through with our intentions once we’ve set them. It’s so easy to make these big plans for ourselves and believe that this year will be different – this year we will make the changes we want to see in our lives.

The trouble is that we have no idea what the year ahead has in store for us. 2018 might be the best year of your life so far, with endless opportunities and personal victories, or it might involve a lot of uphill battles and unfair obstacles. There’s no way of knowing!

That’s why this year, I’ll be setting an intention that is practically foolproof, regardless of what happens in life – good or bad. This intention isn’t about changing something about myself. It isn’t about making a promise that I may or may not be able to keep. That’s why I’m calling it an intention, and not a resolution. Continue reading “Moving into a New Year”