Group Therapy

In group therapy sessions we will address themes that are specific to the group, using the group as a source of support while creating a safe and contained place to develop resources and skills in communication and social interaction.

The therapy group becomes a type of social microcosm, where members of the group come to represent the various types of people or relationships in your life. Since we will be working within a therapeutic framework, the boundaries in place allow group members to explore and rehearse different patterns of relating in safety and without fear of judgement, while having the added benefit of feedback from other group members.

In a group therapy session, we will often begin with a verbal/movement check-in, followed by a group warm-up, movement exploration around specific themes (individually, in pairs, or as a group), verbal reflection, and a group ending. Some things you might find in a DMP therapy group include: creative movement, the use of props to facilitate movement experiences, mirroring explorations to foster empathy, the use of music or rhythmical group dances, and group discussions.

The group program will be constantly developing to meet the needs and interest of the community. Our current program includes:

Moving Women:

IMG_23433This weekly group offers a safe space where women in the community can come together to find support and empowerment through creative movement and dance. Using dance as a medium for self-discovery, we will expand our awareness of our internal worlds and get to know our patterns of moving and relating, both in dance and in life. The group will provide a space to explore, grow, and find acceptance, wherever you are in your journey.

The cost is $175 for eight sessions – that’s $25 per week plus one free week, or $25 per session for drop-ins. Payment can be made in person by cash or cheque or by e-transfer in advance. If you are interested in joining this group and haven’t already attended a trial session, please fill out the form on the Contact page to organize your free trial.

lauraaryagoodMoving Mums and Babies:

*Please note, due to small group numbers this group will be on hiatus until September 2017.

This group is for mothers and their babies under one year of age. Together we will create a supportive space to explore our experiences of mental health, and develop your bond with baby through dance. Your mental health is paramount in insuring a secure attachment with your child, and often the transition into motherhood or worries around raising a child can be challenging to negotiate. Whether you experience postpartum depression, anxiety around motherhood, or are looking for some extra support, this group will be a safe place where we can explore and share our experiences without the fear of judgement. Using creative movement and dance, Jessica will facilitate an empathetic creative space for you to explore your identity as a mother and woman, and foster an attuned and secure relationship with your child. If you are interested in the group, please fill out the form on the Contact page.

img_1475Moving through Anxiety:

Starting in February 2017 for children aged 10-14. Through monthly workshops, this group will look at children’s mental health, with a special focus on anxiety and depression. The experience of social, academic, or generalized anxiety is becoming a common occurrence for school age children. As they approach the major changes involved with the beginning of puberty, adolescence, and high school, it is important to offer opportunities to discuss mental health and develop resources in dealing with the sometimes overwhelming experiences of stress, anxiety and depression. The group will act as a non-judgemental space where everyone is welcome to be themselves and have a positive experience of their moving body. Using creative movement and dance as expressive outlets, we will work towards embodying emotions and finding support to help us move through our anxiety together.

We will be taking a break from workshops for the month of August and starting up again in September. If you or your child are interested in attending a workshop or have any questions regarding this group, please fill out the form on the Contact page.