Monthly workshops will address specific themes such as: depression, anxiety, body image, major life events, grief, goal setting, academic pressure, stress management, professional development and more.

The Dance of Connection: an embodied exploration of relationship

In this three-hour workshop, we will use dance and movement to develop our awareness of how we show up in relationships, and why.

When: Sunday, February 26th, 3-6pm

Where: Society Clubhouse, 967 College St. Toronto

How much: $75 (HST included)

Drawing from tools from Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems Therapy, this workshop is designed to help us deepen our connection with our bodies and each other, and learn more about our relational patterns. Together we will explore different aspects of relating, such as entering connection, attunement, being seen, asserting boundaries, offering/receiving support, and saying goodbye.

What to expect:

-The workshop will include a check-in, movement-based warm-up, skills building for emotional regulation, creative movement exercises, and a closing circle

-All movement will be creative/improvised (I will not be teaching specific dance moves)

-We will be moving and dancing, so wear comfortable clothes

-We will also spend time in verbal reflection, feel free to bring a notebook

-We will work in partners, small groups, and as a large group (max of 20 people)

-Physical contact will be used in some exercises, but you can decline at any time if you’re not comfortable and we can find a way for you to do the exercise without contact

-This workshop draws from therapeutic modalities, but it is NOT a therapy session. Participants are expected to take responsibility for themselves and the pace of their learning within the workshop (ie. taking breaks to regulate if needed).

Who is this workshop for?

-Anyone interested in learning more about their relational patterns

-No dance experience required! All you need is a body (sorry, no ghosts allowed)

Access information:

-The space is fully wheelchair accessible

-Jessica is committed to fostering an inclusive space for a diverse range of bodies

-There are some reduced rate spots available to support financial accessibility (email for a discount code if you need one). Want to sponsor an attendee? Feel free to buy two tickets and let me know that you’re donating one to someone who needs it!

-Masks will not be required, but you are of course welcome to wear one. Please be considerate and do not attend if you are unwell.

Please note that all of our workshops are an inclusive space and as such discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Also, if you are struggling financially and are unable afford a workshop, please get in touch as we would like to make our workshops accessible to anyone who wants to attend.

Here’s what people are saying about Jessica’s workshops:

I had the opportunity to explore the field of Dance Movement Therapy with Moving Together and it was an enlightening, exciting and educating experience. Dance has the potential to bring us joy, heal us and bring people together!”

-Eileen Mccartney

The DMT workshop by Jessica Houghton was one of a kind and truly experiential. Canada needs much more of this, and I’m so grateful to Jessica for hosting this and building towards the community of DMT in Canada!”

Mahesh Halkeri
-Workshop participant

Header image by Zurry Donevan.