Monthly workshops will address specific themes such as: depression, anxiety, body image, major life events, grief, goal setting, academic pressure, stress management, professional development and more.

Coming up:

Intro to DMT-9

The January 20th workshop is now fully booked! There are still 5 spaces left for the February 17th workshop. Get in touch to reserve your spot!

This workshop will offer experiential learning opportunities aimed at helping participants gain a deeper understanding of Dance Movement Therapy, and is specifically designed for those who are interested in becoming a Dance Movement Therapist or who want to know more about how they might apply theories and resources from DMT to their own psychotherapy practice.

Here are some of the things we will be looking at:
-what is DMT?
-what are the guiding principles/key theories that support this practice?
-the client groups/populations a DMT might work with
-the difference between DMT and community dance practices
-movement analysis
-options for training in Canada/internationally

Here are the logistics:
When: Saturday January 20th and February 17th from 5:00-8:00pm
Where: Pegasus Studios, 361 Glebeholme Blvd.
How much: $50

There will be a limit of 15 participants, so be sure to reserve your spot soon! To register, please get in touch via the Contact page.

Body Politics-3

In recent news the body has become a political battleground, where the war on consent, equality, and freedom is being fought. The constant influx of stories and articles circulating on social media has acted as a trigger for many survivors of sexual violence and those who have had their boundaries violated because of their gender, sexuality, race, ability or religious beliefs. However, there are very few safe spaces for us to examine the impacts of these triggers on our own bodies and practice boundary setting in a low-risk and embodied way.

This workshop will look at how we can embody consent in these turbulent times. Using creative movement and dance as a guide, we will explore what yes/no and safe/unsafe feel like in our bodies, practice saying yes/no, both verbally and non-verbally (and know it will be heard and respected), and find ways to reclaim ownership of our bodies after boundary violations have occurred.

Here are the logistics: 

When: Saturday February 24th from 1:00-4:00pm
Where: Common People Shop, 1694 Queen St W
How much: $50

Where to buy tickets: via Eventbrite or Facebook

There is only enough space for 15 participants so be sure to get your tickets soon!

Please note that all of our workshops are an inclusive space and as such discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Also, if you are struggling financially and are unable afford a workshop, please get in touch as we would like to make our workshops accessible to anyone who wants to attend.