Individual Therapy

IMG_2819 1Movement is our first form of communication, and is one of our first sensory experiences in life, even before leaving the womb. DMT offers an opportunity to engage with this primal form of communication through creative movement and dance.

In individual therapy sessions, we will work together to establish a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship built on empathy and compassion. The therapeutic relationship offers an opportunity to become aware of your relationship patterns and explore your internal world in a grounded and supported way as we engage in a moving dialogue that includes both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. Individual therapy offers a space that is entirely your own for you to gain insight about yourself, find support for your mental health, and develop your inner resources.

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A typical session might include a verbal/movement check-in to see where you’re starting from that day, a movement based warm-up to bring awareness to the body, solo or dyadic movement explorations, verbal or artistic reflection, and finding a way to close the session.

An initial consultation appointment can be booked free of charge via the Contact page. Following this appointment if you decide that DMT is a good fit for you, we will work together to decide on the frequency and duration of sessions.

Check out our blog for more in-depth information about DMT and why it might benefit you.

Header image by Zurry Donevan.