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Why Dance Movement Therapy isn’t just for “dancers”

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about what might get in the way of someone trying Dance Movement Therapy, what obstacles there are to overcome before you can commit to coming to a session. One of the things I’ve heard from clients is that the dance/movement aspect can feel intimidating if you’re not someone who identifies as a “dancer”. My goal for writing this blog is to try to put some of those fears to rest.

But first, if you need a bit of clarity around what DMT is or why you would consider it as an option for therapy, you can read my other two blog posts here.

So – Dance Movement Therapy – there it is, first word, right off the bat: DANCE. I actually know quite a few DMTs who refer to themselves as Movement Psycho/therapists because of the implications the word dance has. I’ve chosen not to do that because I feel that dance is such an integral part of the process and I don’t want to negate that by taking it out of the title. Continue reading “Why Dance Movement Therapy isn’t just for “dancers””

About DMT, dance, DMT, embodiment

Why choose Dance Movement Therapy?

Sometimes I think the hardest part about being a Dance Movement Therapist is convincing people to give it a chance. Once we’re in the room and moving together, that’s when the value of the process becomes clear. But starting therapy, even a form as widely known as psychoanalysis or cognitive behavioural therapy, can be intimidating enough as it is. I’m asking you to take a chance on something you’ve probably never even heard of before! It’s a lot to ask, I know, and that’s why I’m writing these blogs.

In my first blog, I wrote about what DMT is and what a session might look like to give you an idea of what you’d be getting yourself into. My goal in writing this blog is to share a little bit of my own experiences with DMT and why I chose it, in the hope that it might inspire you to consider DMT as an option for therapy.

So, why did I choose Dance Movement Therapy?

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About DMT, dance, DMT, embodiment

“So, what IS Dance Movement Therapy?”

“…and what do you do Jessica?”
“I’m a Dance Movement Therapist.”
*confused look* “A what?”
“A Dance Movement Therapist.”
*blank stare*

It’s the start of many conversations I’ve had recently, especially since moving back to Canada after completing my training in the UK. And while most of the time I’m more than happy to explain, I can feel myself shrinking inside every time I see someone start to tune out as I dive into one of my various definitions of the profession.

So far, it seems that the best way to explain what DMT is, is by doing it. Words just aren’t enough to convey the complexity and richness of what DMT has to offer. And yet, here I am, writing a blog in attempt to find another way in, because while I’m happy to offer free trial sessions to people who are interested, I need a way to reach those people who, for whatever reason, might find it difficult to get to a session.

So here goes!

What IS Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)?

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