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Untitled, unknown

It’s pretty scary, what’s happening right now. Within the span of two weeks, our lives have changed drastically. Moving my practice online to work from home was a relatively easy shift, and although I was initially concerned about how Dance Movement Psychotherapy would translate online, I’ve been constantly surprised by how much is possible through video connection. In many moments, I feel a deep sense of gratitude that I am able to continue working, and am “isolated” with two incredible people who inspire so much joy and hope in me, but even so, sometimes I’m scared, and I’m sad, so deeply sad, for all of the things we’re losing as a collective. 

As I sat to write my clinical notes from my first online therapy group a couple weeks ago, I suddenly found myself overwhelmed by tears. Something about seeing the words, seeing the impact that this pandemic was already having on a group of people whose growth processes I’ve witnessed and supported for the past few months, and knowing that there was no way for me to predict what’s going to happen next, or offer any reassurance, struck me. I found myself wondering how I will hold their processes now, when I’m just as confused and uncertain as they are, and how we can collectively, and as individuals, continue to hope and trust when the future is so thoroughly and completely unpredictable.

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A summer of growth

Hi everyone! I hope the summer sun has nourished you and brought relaxation and joy to your life. It has been a quieter summer at Moving Together, and with the warm and lazy months drawing to an end, I’m looking forward to the new projects and exciting changes that September will bring! I’ll announce those soon, but first I thought I’d share a quick recap!

This summer I’ve been focusing on facilitating growth as usual, but instead of human growth, I’ve been a proud witness, supporter, and collaborator of Mother Nature and her beautiful vegetable beings! Continue reading “A summer of growth”