Moving Together offers Dance Movement Psychotherapy services in Toronto’s east end. Operating out of Toronto Yoga Co, Jessica Houghton (Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Registered Psychotherapist), facilitates individual and group therapy services, as well as workshops.

About my work:

“For me, the process of growth and change feels a lot like navigating in the void. Our growing edge – the place where we’re trying something new or taking a risk – requires us to step into the unknown. To see the vast, empty space ahead of us, feel the fear that arises, let go of the security of past ways of doing things, and, while fully accepting that we cannot control the future, step forward all the same.

The reason I’m doing this work is to help clear the way for you to follow your intuition, for you to step boldly out onto your path, trusting that you know the way forward. 

I’m not the guide on this journey, you are! My role is to help you trust your internal compass enough that you don’t need an external guide, because you know that your heart, your desire, your gut – will lead you where you need to go. And in my experience, embodiment, creative movement, and dance are the best way to access this internal compass. 

This is the work I’m here to do, and it’s the work I’m doing myself too, because I believe that learning to trust our intuition is a direct pathway to our joy and fulfillment. 

However, I won’t deny that this work is challenging. Growth and change can be deeply uncomfortable, and roadblocks are inevitable. My role is also to help you meet them, see them, deconstruct them, walk around them, and move through them. To help you embody your strength, your resources, and your resilience, especially when shame and doubt shake your belief and loosen your grip on your inherent goodness.

There might be moments when the fear feels so big that it doesn’t seem possible to take another step, and in those moments I’ll be right there beside you, helping to hold you while you learn to hold yourself. So that when it’s time for your path to take you somewhere else, you’ll be doing so knowing that you are capable of holding all of the parts of you – your fear, sadness, anger, pain, longing, judgement – with tenderness, love, and deep compassion.

Loss is inherent in this work. There will be times of grieving, times to mourn the parts of you that didn’t get what you needed, that were hurt, betrayed, disowned, or cast aside. I know that grief is a part of the painful and beautiful pathway to acceptance, and I welcome it as a wise and knowing elder on this journey.

I want you to know that the void holds joy too! There will be moments where the darkness feels freeing, or comforting – a place of endless possibility, creativity and ease. And it’s not all darkness either! Sometimes it will feel like someone hit the light switch, and you’re walking with your eyes wide open, looking at what you want and moving towards it with certainty. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to do this work, because witnessing you stepping into your power, your joy, your future, is an inspiration and an honour! To know that I was a part of the process that led you there, that is a true gift.

This is my work as a therapist. This is my work in life. I look forward to meeting you on the pathway into the void.”

An embodied exploration of navigating in the void as a metaphor for the therapeutic process in Dance Movement Psychotherapy.
(Not the best video quality, but hey, who actually has a good camera when you need one?)

Free consultations

Individual therapy phone consultations give you the chance to get to know Jessica and ask any questions you may have about Dance Movement Psychotherapy. Together we will decide if DMP is right for you. Please get in touch via the contact page to book your consultation.