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Dancing Trauma – an embodied approach to trauma recovery

Trauma. It’s big and it’s out there in the media in a way it hasn’t been before. Every day there are more disclosures, and the list of people identifying with movements like #metoo grow right along with the momentum of the movement itself. That’s a lot of traumatized people out there!

I know a lot of you reading this blog have probably experienced trauma in some way. Some of you may have taken that experience and tried to make something out of it. Maybe you became a therapist to try to help others through their own trauma. Maybe you became an activist to try to prevent others from being traumatized. Or maybe you feel totally lost and confused and have no idea what you’re doing. However you’re coping, WELL DONE! Nothing about trauma is easy and I admire you for carrying on each day.

Dealing with the after effects of trauma is terrifying, because trauma by its very nature is something “intense enough and threatening enough that it overwhelms our coping resources” (1). So pretty much what that means this big monster comes along and tramples all over our life, scaring the crap out of us and changing how we see the world and the people in it, and then we’re supposed to figure out how to keep on living. Great. HOW?!?! Continue reading “Dancing Trauma – an embodied approach to trauma recovery”